Adventures in Medicine

The character-building continues. I finished my second of three doctor's appointments this week, and had to do yet another blood draw. Tomorrow: the neuro ophthalmologist for some optic neuritis fun followup. More eye drops. Yuck.

Today was the neurologist. I can't say the news was uplifting or happy, but it was an odd change to have a neurologist not treat me like a neurotic grad student. Now I'm up for a round of all kinds of evoked potential tests, a 5 day video EEG in the hospital, a follow-up with the same neurologist and an appointment with an MS specialist.

I would be more freaked out, but after all the IVs last week, I don't have much of a drama response left other than, "Well, this sucks." Plus, I have more pressing worries at the moment: how am I going to finish this dissertation while stuck in tests and the hospital? I was already pushing it. To quote my advisor, "You definitely have your work cut out for you this month."

It should be a fun challenge. All of it. Life is life, you know.


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