Eventful "Vacation"

Life has gotten interesting here in Florida. My dad had foot surgery, I found out I have nerve damage in my left eye, my brother seems to have discovered red wine, and my little niece is taking after me and actually enjoys reading (unlike her mother).

Dad's doctor took lots of pictures during the surgery, which no one wanted to look at except for me. How often do you get to see someone's foot cut open like that? Now Dad is a Bionic Dad with a metal screw in his ankle. I guess he needed some straightening out.

As for the eye thing, it is optic neuritis for the third time. I am surprised about the actual damage. Kinda scary. I really don't want to do the shot every week thing, but I guess its better than the potential much nastier alternatives.

We went to Fort Lauderdale tonight for dinner with my Uncle Robbie. He and his wife are down here for a cruise, so the timing was perfect. It was fun. I am always amazed at the ostentatious displays of wealth here in south Florida. I saw a parade of extremely expensive cars, but the flashiest was a bright banana yellow Bentley convertible.

Oh yeah, and I got more scans of eggs counted. I am enjoying the system I set up. I'll have to post about it tomorrow when I'm more awake. I'm too busy watching one of those giant-monster-animal-attacks-small-town movies on SciFi. This time it is giant squid. Awesome.


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