House Hunting

I felt like an ant today, out hunting for a new home. My husband and I are trying to find a new place in Arizona and a new place here in our current town, simultaneously. Ah, the joys of having to live apart.

The Arizona search has involved searches, craigslist, and a lot of checking up on Google Earth. I think we've finally found a good place, with a tolerable price, in a nice neighborhood. I'm ready to send a check and be done with it.

As for Minnesota-land? This was more of my husband's choice since it will be his primary domain. We drove by lots of places, did the usual internet trolling, and went on some tours. I thought this would take forever, but I think we've already found the perfect spot. It even had a large window box in the kitchen for growing plants and perhaps a cat-napping spot.

Both are right on target with the budget, have lots of windows, and make the husband happy. Even better? We can get the dates to overlap in a way that should make moving as painless as possible. Not that moving is ever painless, but that last one nearly killed me, the husband, and my sister. Only my little niece K-Dog had energy to spare- and she was 5 at the time and carrying floor-sized lamps down 3 flights of stairs. The girl is hard-core: she's 7 now and could probably bench press me.

More uncertainty nailed down. That's always a good thing.


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