On the Road

I'm at the Tampa airport waiting for my next flight. You know how sometimes air travel can be a total bust with regards to productivity? Well, today has been pleasantly productive. I outlined the revisions to two manuscripts, my steps in compiling the remaining data in that last massive experimental evolution study with fruit flies, and did some nice strategic thinking about the manuscripts I really want to get done in the coming months. Of course, being stuck in the same seat for 5 hours helps focus thoughts!

On one hand it is fun to have so many ideas. On the other hand, I hate knowing I can't get to them all. I suppose I should be happy that I've made it to the point that I can recognize what I have time for and what I need to cut out. I am also hoping I have things prioritized properly. I am really trying to focus on the good, big ideas that will contribute to a nice research program. Dave would be so proud.

Watching this last faculty search has been educational. The job talk is so important and I think it really does need to tell a good, cohesive story that makes really nifty and important future directions very clear. Being on that search committee came at a perfect time in my career, I think.

What an exciting time! So many potential opportunities and directions... surviving the job hunt is going to be an experience, that's for sure.


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