19 Days Left

I have 19 more days until my dissertation is due to my examining committee. I have 5 days until I write to each of them and inform them that my dissertation will be arriving to them in 14 days. Then May 14th is the big day: my defense. I have been threatening to bring a small trebuchet to defend myself with, but his holiness, my advisor, informed me that weapons are not allowed. He can be so un-fun. Plus, he throws things at me all the time: celery, nerf darts, chocolate, pens shaped like missiles. I did kick him yesterday, so that makes me feel a little better,

But I have been productive. I just submitted a paper to the Proceedings of the Royal Society yesterday. I am afraid I did not purge all of my American spelling, so I hope the reviewers forgive me. His holiness, my advisor, got his DPhil from Oxford, so at least I have an excuse. As my co-author, he does not!

Yesterday, I also added a few paragraphs to my general discussion. Then I counted dozens and dozens of scans of fruit fly eggs (boring...). Today I finished some formatting and cross-referenced figure numbers.

At this very moment, I am skipping a lecture on the history of my field of study, and contemplating skipping a pub night with colleagues. I am too lazy to drive, plus my vision isn't exactly its best right now. Plus, I'm lazy. Did I mention that?


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