April Blah

I'm tired. Super tired. I went on a data analysis binge yesterday and got a ton of work done. I finished a poster for a university research thingy tomorrow (and got that printed today), and was able to add two brand-spankin' new graphs to it. I am a little stunned at how cool the results are looking so far. I guess my general pessimism about experiments working out has the benefit in that I can only ever be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Today was more data and more counting things. Ever since the optic neuritis (which continues), my eyes really hurt when they're tired. I always had more fuzzy vision at the end of the day, but now its super fuzzy and painful. Totally sucks. But it should get better with time (according to the wise neuro-ophthalmologist... who also informed me my other optic nerve is damaged from something in the past. As my husband said, when the wife warranty runs out, everything starts breaking).

I did manage to get a manuscript draft to my advisor before he had the chance to nag me. This is the one that was reviewed by Science, for what seemed like ages (well, actually weeks), and then got rejected. We really have to get it off to the next journal, so I corrected some things and reformatted it. Hopefully his holiness can decide he likes it and we can submit it again. Regardless, it is chapter 1 of my dissertation and is now complete.


Elsa said...

I guess you need an extended warranty...

And I need a nap.


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