Formatting Like a Madwoman

The dissertation is due to my committee in 9 days, and I have been busy. I met with my advisor, his holiness, this morning. He thought I was joking when I said it was due April 29th. On the plus side, he's now actually going to read that draft of a manuscript I first sent him 2.5 YEARS ago. I know he's serious this time because he emailed me earlier his hour asking for the most recent version (from last fall). He's actually a great advisor, we've all just been busy with everything else and he thinks my other work is more interesting than what is to become chapter 4. Not reading that draft has become a running joke... of course more funny to him than to me!

Chapter 3 is actually in review at a journal, so I went ahead and copied and pasted it into the dissertation file... and formatted and formatted and renumbered equations and added the figures into the proper places and formatted the captions and made sure my list of figured automatically reformatted properly and made sure Endnote did its thing with the new references and added 3 new appendices (condensing 5 from that manuscipt into a mere 3).

Chapter 1 is in review at a journal, so that was also a cut and paste job.

Chapter 2 is completely unwritten. HAHAHA. I am insane. Or going to be insane. Hell, I haven't even finished the data analysis. I still have eggs to count for the data analysis. Luckily, I love data analysis, and that degree in English comes in very handy with the writing. Plus I have many grants and proposals plus a project charter for that experiment to pull from. My goal is to be done with a decent draft of it by Friday.

My current goal is to figure out the multi-level list function in Word so that I can have my figures autonumber themselves in the form "Figure 3-5" for chapter 3 figure 5 rather than "Figure 15," which is what it is at the moment. The continuous numbering is driving me crazy.


Tripletmom said...

Good luck! Sounds like a lot of work to do in such a short time!!!

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