Getting Ready for Eurovision

Let me preface this by saying I love the Eurovision song competition. It always cracks me up. And with the advent of YouTube, we can all enjoy the wacky videos far ahead of time.

For instance, a few years ago for Christmas I got a cd with all of Finland's entries over the years. One cd and only a few decent songs- the rest were total crap and we thoroughly enjoyed laughing at them. For those of you unfamiliar with Finland's record in Eurovision, they came in dead last many, many times. In my eyes, Finland redeemed itself for eternity by winning in 2006. Lordi was so... Finnish. I can't believe they won the country competition. Usually the granny vote wins out and some lame song goes to Eurovision.

I think the Granny vote wins in most countries... which is why so many of the songs are cheesy and lame. Except for Germany, whose entrants often have me asking WTF? (this year, its gotta be Ukraine, whose video is one hot mess... well, mostly a mess, and a squished kiwi... but I'll have to talk about that another day).

So, back to Lordi. Imagine all the usual peace, love, and lame songs. The usual Spanish euro-trash dance song, Russian chicks frenching each other, and then this:

I just love Finland.

Here's a classic Finn-entry from 1961 by one of my all time favorite singers, Laila Kinnunen:


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