Hoping for Seizures: A Sad State of Affairs

What kind of a crazy person hopes for seizures? Me! Well, I just want whatever crazy things that happen to me to hurry up and happen so that I can go home. I have a couple of "events" yesterday. I think the doctors' sleep deprivation scheme worked too well because I essentially fell apart at the seams.

Today, I got a new IV (yuck), and this afternoon they're going to get me walking around in an attempt to provoke something. I have to wear a helmet. Yippeee. At least I'm on a neuro floor where just about everyone has wires or shaved heads and surgical headgear.

At the moment I have my door closed. I spent yesterday people watching in my attempt to stay awake. I made it about 32 hours without sleep.


Tripletmom said...

Sorry you are having events without seizures. It sure sounds strange saying that! Hope it happens soon so you can get out of there.

Tripletmom said...

How is it going?

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