Hospital Escape: Time to Talk Shoes!

So I managed an escape from the hospital yesterday. I was so happy to get out- and get that IV out. The second one I got was really hurting. At least my new crash helmet kept me entertained. I got to walk around with the nurse, a nursing assistant following me with a wheelchair, and my husband... all while covered with wires and my crash helmet. I had a whole entourage.

The outcome of the whole experience? I got a tiny bit of work done. I had some surprisingly decent food (they had room service, where you order off a menu). I had a few seizures, or rather "events" as they call them. The diagnosis? Non-epileptiform seizures. I asked if they could be related to my migraines, and the doctor said that definitely could be the case. That's pretty much what I had figured it was to start with, so no mystery here. In any case, I go back to see my neurologist in a few weeks for the followup.

Now, on to a more interesting topic: SHOES! I am graduating next month with the PhD and this is the first graduation of mine that I have been to since high school. Much of my family is coming, which will be cool, and since they're southern, they will be dressing nice. I found a black sheath dress on eBay for $3.50, which I hope fits because it is super cute. This leaves the shoes. I'm wearing the whole black gown and hood thingy and tam (the poofy hat, which cracks me up). I need cool shoes. I thought about black, but that's boring. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get these:

I like them. I tend to get pretty wobbly and I'm not too keen on having to bring my cane to my graduation! Its not that I mind the cane, but I'd just rather not in this situation. I'd rather focus on my awesome poofy hat and a kick-butt pair of shoes.

I'm thinking that if I don't do red patent leather, I am going to look for a good animal print (rawr!).


Cobalt said...

Congratulations on surviving your sleep deprivation EEG :)

Being stuck in a hospital, not allowed to sleep, wearing a crash helmet covered in wires and hoping for seizures doesn't sound like anyone's idea of a good night in, or 3 nights in, for that matter.

Milja said...

I was so glad to get out! They were threatening ANOTHER bout of sleep deprivation. I rarely even stay up all night in college: I'd rather flail on a test than pull an all-nighter studying. I mean, I have priorities.

Tripletmom said...

I'm glad they got something and you got out.

Those look like nice shoes. Wow, what a great deal on the dress! Yay for the poofy hat, it sure sounds like you earned all this!

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