I might be stressed out, but at least I'm not crazy like Michele Bachmann

My state has a crazy congresswoman. She's not from my district, and I am still amazed she ever got reelected... because she is crazy. Seriously crazy. I believe the proper term is actually batshit crazy.

Her latest? Apparently she finds it notable that the last swine fly outbreak occurred under a Democrat president also. 'Cause if Dick Cheney was still protecting our borders, he would have waterboarded those damned viruses before they ever infected Americans... Never mind she's wrong. Ford, not a Democrat, was president, and it wasn't exactly an outbreak. Oh yeah, and those mandatory vaccinations he ordered killed some people with Guillain-Barre syndrome.


Wonder what else she's been up to? She was calling for a revolution last month, and earlier this month claiming that new government volunteer programs were really going to be re-education camps for our youth. A few years ago, she pawed all over Bush after a state of the union address. Last fall, she urged an investoigation to find the "un-American" members of congress. Ironically, she also voted against requiring health insurance companies to cover mental illness.

It is really sad when you can google someone's last name with "batshit crazy" and come up with lots of results. Try it, and look her up on YouTube. Amazing.


Tripletmom said...

It amazes me about just who can get elected. Not many people do their homework and just go by the ads or vote for the party (or the picture of the person)... the ads which are paid for BY the people who want that person elected and they'll say anything in those ads to get them elected. This one sounds like a real loony.

My husband plays a war game online sometimes and some of the people on there have been talking about an upcoming revolution over the past few months. Actually, it was supposed to have begun in February, I think, but it has been "delayed" a bit. They've actually quit their jobs, moved into the middle of nowhere in mobile homes (probably still hooked up to a truck so they can move quickly lol), stockpiled firearms, ammunition and food/water so they are prepared and will survive. Maybe they are her followers.

Cobalt said...

Ah, from my safe distance, with several of miles of ocean between me and the nearest republican, I find the American right quite amusing to watch from afar, though I guess some of the humour is lost when one of their less sane followers is your state congress representative :P

Swine flu linked to democrat presidents? Oh dear, it really is somewhat reminiscent of The Simpsons' FOX news parody "Do democrats cause AIDS? Find out after the break!"

Presumably this "revolution" will be one of those to be orchestrated via a coalition of, ahem, "militia groups", comprised of slightly fat, angry people with guns, who are convinced that there is always some sort of government conspiracy against them, and insist that "thou shalt not kill" is a mistranslation of "thou shalt not murder"?

Elsa said...

I think USA needs a new party to finally break up the republican party, some sort of middle-conservative party. Of course, Rush Limbaugh is doing a pretty good job with destroying that party. Like Tripletmom said, unfortunately many people don't even know which party people they are voting for belong to or what they stand for.

Tripletmom said...

Well it is the 30th... how did you do?

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