Only Partially Freaking Out

Alright. I finished the formatting. I added in the final appendix. I started a complete rewrite of my introduction chapter and I'm actually happy with the framework that I'm taking on now. Excited about it actually.

His holiness went over the introduction, modelling section, and methods of Chapter 4 (the one that's taken him 2.5 years to tackle), so I made those minor corrections. I have a feeling that more major corrections are to come. The data analysis and results are very complicated... and make for a complicated story.

So what does that leave? Finish the introduction, finish the general discussion (which is pretty decent so far, but only 25% done), and write chapter 2. That writing chapter 2 part is going to be a bitch. I did write up with model for appendix 2, so at least that part is done.

I have exactly a week. It can be done.


Tripletmom said...

I'm glad you are sounding so positive. Like I tell my daughter, once anxiety kicks in, the ability to think is gone! You can do this!

Cobalt said...

Good luck! :)

Tripletmom said...

Hang in there... you can do it!!!

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