Still Breathing!

Ok, so I freaked out a little bit yesterday about my impending dissertation due date. I dealt with it in the best way possible: with a nap. My husband and cat joined in. They're real team players.

I started out my morning at the doctor's office because I thought I had an appointment. I was wrong. It is next week. So I took the bus to my office and bought a lovely coffee from the vending machine. Ah... vending machine coffee.

I finished chapter 4 and sent it to my advisor, so that's done. I also managed to finish all of chapter 2 except for part of the results (which are still pending) and the discussion. So that means 3 chapters done, and the last one 70% done. Looking pretty good!

What's left? A little data analysis and that discussion. Then: finishing my general introduction and general discussion. I have bits and pieces of each, but I'm being rather picky about the writing. I've written and rewritten the introduction a few times now, but I think I'm finally getting at something I'm happy with.

So, can I do it? I'm feeling optimistic right now. Optimistic enough that I'm writing this and watching Top Gear instead of working on that introduction!

On the shoe front, I found a pair of zebra and black patent leather wedge sandals. I'm excited. My advisor told me it wouldn't pass subfusc, but he's not at Oxford anymore. Silly advisor. I can wear all the zebra print shoes I want with my gown. Ha!


Tripletmom said...

Way to go! Almost done, wooo hooo!

Zebra prints sound wonderful, go for it

Milja said...

Thanks :) I am liking the zebra print also. Everything else I'm wearing is super conservative, so it ought to be fun.

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