Video EEG: My Own Reality Show

So I'm ending my second day in the hospital on a video EEG study. Right now, my head is covered in wires (cemented on) and I have a camera aimed at me. It's my own reality show, and it isn't much fun.

And did I mention they've put me on a fall precaution?? Oh yes. I have to be supervised when I go to the bathroom. I'm not allowed to leave the bed. They even put a bed alarm on, so they know when I'm trying to evade them. I hate it when they do that. They did that to me the last time I was in the hospital. I'm not even allowed to sit on the edge of the bed...

Tonight, the torture continues: enforced sleep deprivation. No sleep tonight or tomorrow. They are trying to provoke some seizures. Because the sooner they get some seizures, the sooner I get out of here. I had to do a sleep deprivation EEG a couple of years ago, and that was brutal. This time, I'm on camera and there's a hospital staff to enforce my awakeness. So I get to be stuck in bed, but stay awake. Good times.

And did I mention I'm in a university teaching hospital? Oh yes, medical students, residents, nursing students. At least that keeps things interesting. Still, have a med student the age of my baby brother taking care of me is odd. I guess that means I'm getting old!


Tripletmom said...

That sounds nasty. I'm glad they allow you to go on the computer at least. Can you work on your dissertation? What exactly are you studying and what is the dissertation about?

Good luck with it! I hope you get some seizures soon so you can go home.

University hospitals are good and bad. You do get lots of attention, but that is not always what you want! When I had my c-section, I had an entire surgery class come in and ask to take a look at my incision (because the surgeon was supposedly so fantastic they just HAD to look at his work). "Yeah, why not!" I said as they uncovered my privates. Incidentally, they made sure to come in while I was still pretty well drugged up!!!

Milja said...

I'm trying to work, but I've not been successful! The dissertation is on the evolution of learning. I'm excited about it, so that makes writing easier!

An entire surgery class? Yikes! Was that when the triplets were born?

Tripletmom said...

Yep! The surgeon did a beautiful job really... but he left a whole placenta in there. He almost killed me but I hey that's ok, I don't have a scar. ;(

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