Call Me Dr. Milja

Well, I survived my defense and I didn't even need any weapons. I was surprised at how many people actually came to my talk. You'd think that Thursday morning in the middle of finals would be a deterrent, but it was nice to have an audience. I even got some really cool questions.

As for the exam part, I survived. Nothing too hard, just a nice conversation. I got my signatures and a bunch of hugs. Yay!

I am sooooo glad the whole thing is over with. I wish I could have a long vacation now. But, no. This week I get to:
  1. pack up my lab
  2. move into new apartment for husband (who is staying in our current town for job reasons)
  3. turn in revision for the article in Proceedings of the Royal Society (yay!!!)
  4. turn in final copy of dissertation and pay all the stupid fees
  5. pack up nearly everything we own for the move to Arizona
  6. Buy plane tickets for conference in Brazil
  7. Send off for visa to be allowed into Brazil
  8. And one final neurology appointment before I move
Holy cow. I think I need to take a nap from just thinking about all of that.


Tripletmom said...

Congratulations, Dr. Milja!

Milja said...

Thanks!! I am super excited!

Cobalt said...

Congratulations indeed :)

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