Moving sucks

That's my eloquent title today. I feel like I've been moving for over a week... because I have been moving for over a week. The day after I defended, we moved into our new St. Paul apartment. That took a few days, and we still have more to take over there. Simultaneously with that move, we've been packing up the remaining mass of our household for the move to Arizona. And I do mean mass. I am worried that it will not all fit in the truck, but I guess I'll find out very soon.

People who know me, know that I run out of energy very quickly. When I run out of energy, annoying things like not being able to walk or see tend to happen. This makes an endeavor like movng particularly difficult. So I hired some guys to pack the truck. Better them than me... or rather my husband, because there's no way I'd make it. Give me the bubble wrap and the dishes, but I'm not lifting a mattress. Funny to think that in my healthier days I worked for FedEx at their headquarters in Memphis... on the runway, moving huge freight containers and whacking things with crowbars.

But once everything is in the truck, I can breathe a little easier. The husband and I actually love driving the rental trucks. We've done it so many times now. It is rather freeing to drive across the country with no stress, in the slow lane. Our first big move driving our own truck was from Memphis to Flagstaff, Arizona. I thought we'd never get through Texas. The second one was from Flagstaff to San Diego. One couldn't wish for a more scenic and varied drive. Our most recent cross-country move was from San Diego to Minnesota. Up to LA, across Nevada, through the Rockies. With 2 cats. That was an adventure. Other than the creepy town in southern Utah we stopped in, it was fun.

Hmmm... it is looking like most things are fitting in. Wow- my loving spouse just brought me a Dove chocolate ice cream bar. It is very yummy. I guess this is my last bit of enjoyment before scrubbing out the bathroom and kitchen... and where that soda exploded into my freezer last week. Joy.


Tripletmom said...

Good luck with the move, Dr. Milja! Movers are so much better than doing it yourself.

I liked Flagstaff. We drove through there on our way from Phoenix to Lake Powell. Ever been there? My favorite place in the world is Lake Powell.

Milja said...

Lake Powell is nice. I'm in New Mexico right now and I remembered how much I like the desert landscape.

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