Settling In

We are here in sunny Arizona, surrounded by boxes. I am excited that the kitchen has lots of cabinets, we have a laundry room, and the front porch is really pretty.

I am trying to decide what to plant outside. There are some great trees and bushes in the yard, but I am thinking of adding some red yucca to the side of the house (outside the back door), and some aloe and agave or various kinds in containers on the front porch.

We have white oleander all down the side of the front yard and house. It looks like this:
The red yucca, which I think would be nice, looks like this:

Tomatoes apparently LOVE the Tucson sun and heat, but I'm thinking it might not be worth the extra water bill. On the other hand, I am amazed at the cheap produce here. I guess being closer to the source really pays off. Which is strange to think that we didn't get such cheap produce in San Diego, which is actually IN California.

My goal for the day is to finish unpacking everything for the kitchen, and get my ID card at the university. I need the ID card to get an email address, keys, sign up for benefits and parking. All the things I need to do tomorrow. BUT, I can't get the ID card until I get an ID number, which is still pending. It is nice to know that this university is just as bureaucratic as the other ones I've been employed by.


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