Sunburned in 30 Minutes

We took a break from unpacking to visit the B & B Cactus Farm. My husband and I have been rather taken with the plants here. Cacti and just plain nifty. So we drove out to the east side of town, in an area with fantastic mountain views, and pulled into Cactus Wonderland. It was amazing. Amazing and hot.

We strolled amongst the saguaros and agaves. There was a greenhouse full of small cacti, one of succulents, one of aloe, and some others. We bought a few aloe of different forms and a few small succulents for the indoor collection.

On the way home, we went to Lowe's to get another bright yellow-orange Lantana ($2.50 a pot!) and found some sago palm for only $14 each. Crazy! We got all of that planted, and I'm still trying to decide where to put the super cheap portulaca I bought. I really need to post pictures, but I am lazy.

In any case, I had to do the planting at night because our brief visit to the cactus farm ended up with me sunburned and utterly destroyed. I have also learned that [Tucson heat] + [optic nerve damage] = [I go blind in my left eye every time I walk outside]. Good times.

On the professional front, I finally received my employee ID number, and then I could get my ID card, and now finally, the computer has done what it needed to do and I signed up for an email and computer account. I have to sign up for benefits later on, but at least I got my email set up and my new web page uploaded.

The husband leaves tomorrow, so I hope we can get the rest of the unpacking done today!


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Really great blog you have here, love the design!

Milja said...

Thanks :)

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