We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

So I'm in Deming, New Mexico for the night. We have finished up our second day of driving across the country in a moving truck (with a car towed behind). Yesterday was the killer day- from St. Paul, Minnesota, through Iowa, part of Missouri, and most of Kansas. We left at 7am and didn't get to the hotel until after 11pm. I swear that Kansas was getting longer the more we drove through it (take the limit of Kansas...). The best part of Kansas were the cows. Herds of cows hanging out on incredibly green and hilly pastures. We stayed on a road called Pancake Blvd in an area that was truly flat as a pancake.

Today was Oklahoma, Texas, and most of New Mexico. The cows in Texas weren't as nice. They were crammed into huge stockyards with no grass. Thousands of cows. I wouldn't want to be a cow in Texas. The highlight of the day was stopping in Hatch, NM. Back in my past, one of the biggest food revelations of living in Arizona was the green chile. Actually, this was so important, it deserves capital letters: Green Chile. We would leave the lab and drive to Sonic for lunch because they would make grilled cheese sandwiches with green chiles. Yum. Anyway, the chile capital of the southwest is Hatch, New Mexico. I celebrated with some local apple empanadas.

What has been really nice has been the driving. I wasn't able to drive for a number of years for medical reasons and just now got my license back earlier this year. It has been fun being able to drive and let my husband rest. He usually does so much for the family because I can't always do things. So that was nice.

We get to Tucson tomorrow morning. I have another set of movers lined up tomorrow afternoon. In between, I sign all the papers at HR and meet with one of my new post-doc advisors. Then I have the week off to settle in and unpack.

I can hardly wait to really explore a new town. Hopefully I can post some pictures once I get set up (and find my camera data cord!).


Tripletmom said...

Wow a week off? What will you do with it?! ;)

I'm glad the trip is going well. Enjoy the rest of the scenery!

Milja said...

I know what I'm doing with this week- I'm unpacking! We can finally sort of walk around the living room.

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