Blooming Bishop's Cap

I've been getting more into cactus cultivation, now that I live in a place where they are supposed to grow. One of the niftiest cacti I have is an Astrophytum. And this week, it has been blooming.

So here is my little cactus, or rather cacti, since there's a smaller one budding off. The flowers last less than a day. I'm lucky I was not out of town to miss the show! So in the case of these two flowers, they were barely open by the time I left in the morning, looked great in the afternoon (when I took the pictures), and were gone after that. It is a little hard to tell from the pictures, but cactus flowers have this wonderful iridescence about them. I assume it is to attract pollinators.

Isn't it a cool cactus? It has the five sides, and those neat striations. So give an idea of scale, that's an 8 inch pot. I got the cactus at a Tucson Botanical Society sale, where they said it is a 15-20 year old plant!

I'll know if they were pollinated if the fruit appears. I don't know what pollinates these guys, but I have seen butterflies around.


Night squirrel said...

Really cool rocks with flowers. Hope you get some bumblebees.

Tripletmom said...

I love looking at cacti. That one is really cool.

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