My New Food Addictions...

I have a confession. I have become a regular at the Mexican fast food place right next to my house. It is just so close and so cheap and so yummy. I can't help myself. I have not had a single thing there that was not good.

For example, let's take my dinner from a few nights ago. On the left there is a chile relleno taco and on the right is a fish taco.
You know, there are a lot of bad versions of the chile relleno out there. Eggy fried crap covering some pathetic little chile. Not this chile relleno. It was awesome. I've had them alone from this place, but the taco version was amazing. I'll have to try the burrito version some time.

The same thing goes for fish tacos. The first time I heard of a fish taco, I thought the idea was disgusting. Ten years later, I had one by accident shortly after I moved to San Diego. It was love at first bite. I do love a good fish taco. Then I moved to Minnesota, which sadly is a bit of a black hole for good indigenous food. Walleye and hotdish don't exactly catch my imagination. Anyway, I could get a fish taco there at one of those now-ubiquitous Baja fast food places, but it just wasn't good. It was the sauce. The sauce was missing! The taco pictured above? Perfect. The sauce was lovely. Lovely enough for me to forget about the lettuce instead of cabbage.

Since I've been tasting my way through the menu, I finally tried horchata. That's a really great drink. And as the lady behind the counter said, it goes great with a churro. I never would have imagined a rice and cinammon drink, but its great. And to think, I had never tried it before. I tried the jamaica also... hibicus-ilicious.

And I won't even get started about the world of tamales. Just thinking about them makes me hungry enough to walk over and get some. Did I mention my new house of addiction is open 24 hours a day?


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