A Lost Day... sort of

I apparently spent most of the day in bed. I got up, got ready, but on a cute set of clothes, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up at 2:30 in bed. With my clothes on and my hair dried into some ungodly mess. And a migraine.

I really hate migraines. I get all kinds of annoying neurological symptoms with mine... the neurologist said I have a dissociative disorder, of the type they usually see in people who have had a great level of trauma. Looking back, I have had some pretty crappy things happen to me, and there was that great bout of PTSD. I just don't see any of it as particularly traumatic. So I'm going with the migraine explanation, which is also on the table.

Of course, the day wasn't totally lost in terms of work. I have been super productive this afternoon. I played with MatLab, got a huge whack of treatments and trials and rewards randomized for my bumblebee friends. I think I'll spend the evening throwing all of that into a database and set up some assignment sheets and bee training sheets.

The nerdy side of me truly gets into this kind of nuts and bolts of an experiment. I also love designing data collection schemes. Yesterday I worked on replicating a published model and playing with it until I decided on treatment levels and such. I don't know why it gave me such fits, but I decided to be stubborn and do it in excel first, and excel doesn't make giant equations easy.

And of course, things looks theoretically nice and separate, but then you work in actual values and you find yourself wondering: would a bee really notice/care about a sucrose difference of 5%? I don't know. But I think I have it worked out to some degree of satisfaction.

Maybe I deserve some tacos for dinner...


Tripletmom said...

Gosh that is scary. Do you pass out like that often? Do you always wake up with a migraine when that happens?

Yes, it does sound like you deserve tacos!

Nobody will ever know whether bees notice a 5% sucrose difference unless you test it. Go for it!

It is so very nice to hear someone talk about a job they love. Really. It is so rare!

Milja said...

I woke up, and my first words were, "What the hell is wrong with me?" My husband (who is still back in Minnesota) told me I can fall asleep quickly like that and then sleep really, really hard. So I'm thinking that's what happened. Really crazy though!

You really have to wonder how some of our brains were put together...

Cobalt said...

For myself, if I woke up at 2:30pm and did nothing all day, I would still consider it to be one of my more productive days.

I think doing all that preparation for your evil genius-esque maze plot/bee experiments after having a migraine/dissociative episode is pretty good.

And surely whether a bee notices a 5% difference in sucrose depends entirely on the amount of sucrose you are talking about :P

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