Making my Office Nicer

So I'm set up in my office. I'll eventually share it with 2 other people, but for now, it is a blank wasteland of old fine cabinets, old green metal shelving, and old, huge metal desks. I'm on the 2nd floor, which here is a bit below ground. This means, that while there is a window, its way, way up high and I can't see out of it. Well, I can see a glimpse of the sky. Being Tucson, that sky tends to be blue. Blue is nice.

I grabbed the desk in the far corner. I like hearing hallways noise, but don't need to be tempted to watch the hallway traffic. I have internet and light, so I guess that's all I need. But not all that I want. You spend enough time in one place and you need things that make you happy.

So I brought a few pictures from home. Pictures of SNOW!

How more un-Tucson can you get? These are pictures my father-in-law took last winter. I had them blown up a but and threw them in frames. Winter in Finland can be very pretty. The snow brightens things up, so in a way, it reminds me of sunny days.

I need to decide what else I'm going to add. Not much, I think. But a couple of plants are a must. Maybe a nice palm to balance out the snow?


Cobalt said...

How can the 2nd floor be below ground!? Are you working with the mole people now??

Yeah - internet and light - all a human being needs to flourish and grow in this world ;p

Oh well, enjoy the new office...while the pictures of snow remind you of sunny days...


Milja said...

I would joke that working with the mole people would be an improvement but I actually like the people I work with. I don't get the floor numbering. Is there even a 1st floor? No telling.

Importantly, I have found many sources of coffee within a 5 minute walking radius.

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