Back from Brazil!

I just got back yesterday from my 2 weeks in Brazil. I had an amazing time, but I am definitely ready to be home again. Of course, I caught some kind of nasty something, so I spent all day in bed today, feeling crappy.

How about some pictures? I spent the first half of the trip at a conference in the middle of Brazil, in Pirenopolis. It was a nice little town. This picture is the outside of the pousada where I stayed. Lovely rooms, lovely breakfast, lovely birds. Nothing like the sound of wild, native parakeets being noisy as hell to wake you up in the morning! I started every morning with fresh mango, pineapple, papaya, little baked goodies, and coffee with milk. Truly great coffee.

The conference was interesting. Not the best conference in terms of the research, but it was great to see posters on so many different systems, and visit with people I usually don't see at these meetings. I also won a sizable amount of books from various publishers, thanks to the competition I entered with my talk.

I would love to go on and on about the food, but I have no idea what most of it was called. I enjoyed the manioc, which I'd never had before in so many ways. And of course, I loved the beef. Brazil is a beef country, and they certainly know how to cook it. Wonderful stuff.

One of the nicest parts was the unlimited free drinks. I cannot count how many caiparinhas I drank. This is an amazing drink. They take lots of lime slices and sugar, and muddle it in the bottom of the glass, then add ice and cachaca (a liquor made from cane sugar). It is super yummy. Here's a nice picture of the remainder of one of my many drinks.


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I am glad you had such a good time!

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