Blogging and Bad Dogs

Well, July was certainly a busy month. I got back from Brazil, got bees in the lab, and started up with some research. My mom visited, I got a new rug, and very importantly, I adopted a dog (as seen below).
We named him Leroy Jethro Gibbs, or Gibbs for short, or Gibbsy, when I'm being nice. Gibbsy is a rescued dog. They think he's about 2 years old and he apparently came from some people who were hoarding dogs (40 dogs in a garage or something like that).

Gibbsy is super sweet, very affectionate, and not a barker. I had to housetrain him though. It seems the extent of his housetraining was to not go in his kennel. I have a fenced-in backyard, but on the advice of dog training websites, I walked him on a leash for the first 3 weeks. This was I could see his bathroom habits and confirm the, ahem, events becfore we came back inside.

This seemed to be working well, so we switched to off-leash a few days ago. This switch was apparently a mistake. We spent a good 20 minutes outside tonight at dusk. I watered my plants and read an article on the history of shell-collecting, and Gibbs did doggy things. We came back inside, where he promtly peed on the blanket on the bed. My bed. The bed he also sleeps in (at the foot of the bed), which is where he peed. What was he thinking??

I promptly kicked him outside (well, not literally), where he'd better have finished his business for the evening. Now I'm doing laundry. Thank goodness I have my own washer and dryer now!

Strange behavior, given our past weeks together. He's still not quite figured out he must poo outside- he occasionally favors a rug by the front door. And he's had an incident or two inside other places (which I figured was a transfer/generalization issue... "don't pee in my own house, but other indoor locaitons are ok..."). We were working on that. Any advice is appreciated.

Ahhh, dogs. Other than these occasional issues, he's been pretty good. He's a nice size: 18 pounds, has a nice temperament (he's at least half corgi), and is a great companion. He also likes mango, we discovered. I think we should start some formal dog training this month. That could be useful.


Tripletmom said...

He is adorable!

I didn't train any of my dogs, so this might not work but...

I am hoping the rug by the front door is not a favorite and is something you can replace... can you try putting the rug outside where you want him to 'go'?

Milja said...

I should try that. Luckily the rug is one of those $3 Wal-Mart types of things.

Last night he made this very subtle gesture towards the kitchen (and the backdoor). He wanted out. We (me and the dog) need to figure out a more obvious way for him to request an open door. I would put in a dog door, but I'm renting the house and can't.

Tripletmom said...

How is everything going with Gibbsy?

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