New Laptop!!! More stuff to do!!!

I have a good reason to celebrate today: my new laptop came in. There are good parts and bad parts to this event. On the happy side of things, this is the nicest computer I have ever had. One of the university tech guys picked it out for me, and it is totally fast and awesome. They installed Office for me and took off all the crap-ware. The screen is crisp and I *finally* have a webcam built in. This will make life much nicer.

On the crap side of things, since its through the university, its set up for stupid users. He thought he'd given me admin rights, but I guess not, since I can't install a damned thing. Blech. On the other crap side of things, it took a $2,000 chunk out of my research slush fund for the year. That plus $400 for some extra software, and I have definitely put a dent in that account- and its only 18 days into this fiscal year. Whoo-hoo! Luckily my research is relatively cheap, and I spent all my summer money getting the start-up going for the experiment I'm running now.

This computer was missing Outlook, which I've always hated anyway. So I have fully moved over to Google. A really nice benefit is an automatic sync with my Blackberry calendar. No more wires! I enjoyed Xobni for Outlook, but I'm thinking Gmail for everything will work well. I've always liked the way Gmail gathers up related emails (same subject heading and the emails that spawns) and it is hard to beat the search function in Gmail. So I set up my two university emails with Gmail and I'm ready to rock.

What I'm lacking now is a graceful way to handle task lists. The Google tasks is not set up to sync with Blackberry yet (although my husband, with an Android phone, is in luck). The task function in Blackberry is decent, in the sense that it is simple. BUT, sometimes a girl wants to edit these things on a computer. There are quite a few task apps available for Blackberries, but I'm cheap and lazy. Lately, I've had relatively short task lists. I've been working with a modified David Allen GTD system, where I have all my projects mapped out and the only thing that makes it to my task list are the "next steps" and things I need to do over the current week. I might start calendaring more also.

So what's next? Get those stupid admin rights and then install the things I can't live without (but don't have yet): Statistica, Endnote, MindManager, and MatLab. I already have CS4 everything, so that part of life is good. And I've moved my files, to that is good. Of course, to install that stuff I'm going to have to install Java, Quicktime, and a whack of other things from the web...


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