Farmville Addiction

I finally succumbed to Farmville on Facebook. A few people in my family are addicted, and were trying to talk me into signing up on Thanksgiving. I was on the fence, especially since I had happily blocked those notifications in the past. But then I called my loving spouse, who promptly informed me that if I would just sign up already, then he'd have enough farm neighbors to buy a bigger farm.

Being somewhat compulsive, I have spent way too much time planting fake crops and arranging fake livestock. But I have called a halt. I got things the way I wanted them, and hopefully now I can just maintain. Being a bit nerdy, I managed to do this in just a few days my maximizing harvest rates and whatnot. Thinking about optimal farmvilling rather than optimal foraging for a little while can't hurt, right?

On the plus side to the Thanksgiving vacation, I got a huge amount of work done yesterday. No brain fog then- and I remembered to write all my thoughts down this time. The girl can learn to cope, that's for sure.

This week is going to be busy. I have to write and give a guest lecture for Thursday, get the house ready for a visit from my loving spouse, finish up testing this 7th block of my current experiment, analyze that, and put together a presentation on it for the lab meeting on Friday. Oh yeah, and work on that huge grant that is due in January. And meet with 3 new undergrads about doing research in the spring. And follow up on a list of phone calls. Blech. Give me data all day long, but I hate phone tag (and even worse, having to talk to the people once I get them on the phone).

Collecting frogs becomes sadly dangerous

This is incredibly awful. Some biology students were collecting frogs along a trail only a mile from their campus, and some trigger happy hunter decided they were a group a deer. He shot and killed one woman, and injured a young man. The hunter was trespassing.

Student Mistaken For Deer, Shot To Death

We had some lovely outdoor adventures back in my undergrad days... slogging through wetlands, in the dark. Once someone had to pull me out of a lake after I sunk to my knees in the thick muck trying to collect a sample from a cool-colored algal bloom. Getting covered with ticks. Getting covered with blood. Attacks of poison ivy. Snakes. Chiggers. Hypothermia. Clouds of blood-sucking mosquitoes. Birders. Scary stuff. But, no one ever shot at us.

Dinner Tonight!

One problem with living alone (when you're used to cooking for more than just yourself), is that you can get lazy when it comes to cooking for just yourself. In the interest of improving my quality of life, without sacrificing my lazy non-lab hours, I have been perfecting the 10 minute yummy dinner.

Here's one of my current favorites. I boil some lemon-pepper pasta, drain it, throw in some grilled chicken strips (which conveniently come pre-cooked and frozen from Trader Joe's), toss in some olive oil, and add some feta. Then I dump it on my plate and enjoy my food. Easiest dinner ever... well except for frozen microwave meals or ramen.

Honestly, I would probably starve without Trader Joe's. Or I might end up doing like last week: spaghetti every single night. I finally burned out after day 5 and went to Wendy's the next night (thus defeating my intent to eat less fat, and my goal to avoid eating out in the interest of eating my way through my pantry).