Dinner Tonight!

One problem with living alone (when you're used to cooking for more than just yourself), is that you can get lazy when it comes to cooking for just yourself. In the interest of improving my quality of life, without sacrificing my lazy non-lab hours, I have been perfecting the 10 minute yummy dinner.

Here's one of my current favorites. I boil some lemon-pepper pasta, drain it, throw in some grilled chicken strips (which conveniently come pre-cooked and frozen from Trader Joe's), toss in some olive oil, and add some feta. Then I dump it on my plate and enjoy my food. Easiest dinner ever... well except for frozen microwave meals or ramen.

Honestly, I would probably starve without Trader Joe's. Or I might end up doing like last week: spaghetti every single night. I finally burned out after day 5 and went to Wendy's the next night (thus defeating my intent to eat less fat, and my goal to avoid eating out in the interest of eating my way through my pantry).


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