Farmville Addiction

I finally succumbed to Farmville on Facebook. A few people in my family are addicted, and were trying to talk me into signing up on Thanksgiving. I was on the fence, especially since I had happily blocked those notifications in the past. But then I called my loving spouse, who promptly informed me that if I would just sign up already, then he'd have enough farm neighbors to buy a bigger farm.

Being somewhat compulsive, I have spent way too much time planting fake crops and arranging fake livestock. But I have called a halt. I got things the way I wanted them, and hopefully now I can just maintain. Being a bit nerdy, I managed to do this in just a few days my maximizing harvest rates and whatnot. Thinking about optimal farmvilling rather than optimal foraging for a little while can't hurt, right?

On the plus side to the Thanksgiving vacation, I got a huge amount of work done yesterday. No brain fog then- and I remembered to write all my thoughts down this time. The girl can learn to cope, that's for sure.

This week is going to be busy. I have to write and give a guest lecture for Thursday, get the house ready for a visit from my loving spouse, finish up testing this 7th block of my current experiment, analyze that, and put together a presentation on it for the lab meeting on Friday. Oh yeah, and work on that huge grant that is due in January. And meet with 3 new undergrads about doing research in the spring. And follow up on a list of phone calls. Blech. Give me data all day long, but I hate phone tag (and even worse, having to talk to the people once I get them on the phone).


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