End of another year...

Another New Years Eve. My husband was here for Christmas, but now he's back to 2400 miles away. So we're both watching Hulu and playing on the internet together. He's catching up on the first season of Buffy, which expires tonight (I finished it yesterday). I'm catching up on a couple of fall sitcoms. Sure, we're boring, but we like it that way. At least this year, we like it that way.

This year has been good and bad. I defended and moved to an awesome post doc position, I got a couple of great publications out, we got an adorable new niece and a new nephew, we moved half of us across the country, and we adopted Gibbs the free energy puppy. I only managed 5 bee stings. But we lost Milja, our cat of 10 years, after a long illness. We had to spend half of the year in different states. And I got a truly awful and scary medical diagnosis, which leaves me alternating between optimistic determination and wanting to crawl under a rock and cry. Actually, right now I'm more in the crying under a rock phase. It'll pass in another 10 minutes. Apparently this is normal.

But I am looking forward to the new year. I have a batch of awesome experiments ending and two new sets planned out. I have some nice travel planned, thanks to a decent travel budget and conferences in cool places. My husband and I have some visits planned, and hopefully he gets a job here soon and our cat Elsa will meet our dog Gibbsy. We even have our 12th wedding anniversary coming up this year! Twelve years and we're as happy as we've ever been. Except for that being in different states part. The distance sucks. Especially with the shitty medical stuff going on. But oh well.

Other great things? We got light-blocking, noise-reducing curtains for the bedroom right after Christmas. That plus the new humidifier means I don't wake up with traffic noise all night long, or even worse, those damned police helicopters. What is it with the police helicopters here? Seriously, they are constant and all night long. But I no longer care, because I can't hear them anymore.... ah bliss. And decent sleep is always something to look forward to.


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