Grant! and Things!

Life has been busy. Writing, traveling, data collection, teaching, dog loss. BUT, a huge amount of work has paid off in that I and my collaborator are getting a rather huge grant from NSF. This is for extending the system I developed for a huge chunk of my dissertation. It is very exciting news, but now the excitement is fading and the sheer terror is setting in over all the work I have in front of me over the next four years. Holy crap!!

What else has been going on? I finished my semester of teaching. My post-doc fellowship is one of those career development deals, so I do lots of research, but I also teach for a semester. I'll have to write about that adventure a little later.

Hmmm... I managed a week away to see family. A trip to California for a talk. A trip to Michigan for a talk. A trip to Massachusetts for a conference. And a trip for a rather strange conference in Phoenix. Naturally, I am still waiting on reimbursements for 2 of those trips.

I finished a couple do experiments, started a couple more, got some new toys in the lab. Worked with some great undergrads, including two fantastic students from the community college. Had one rather unfortunate undergrad situation, but these things happen.

I sewed some things- finished a 14th century dress and a 16th century Persian outfit. That was definitely interesting. I painted some things and did a bit of calligraphy. I'm also learning nalbinding, and finished a couple of hats. I'll have to post about that later also. Its pretty fun.

I read some books. My mother-in-law has been sending books. Cool books that I probably never would have found a read on my own. I also finished another couple of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Three of us in the lab are reading them, so we have a built-in discussion group!

On the not-fun front, of course I lost my Gibbsy. That is still rough. And I started on interferons, a process which totally, totally sucks. Its a shot every other day. I spent a couple of months titrating up the dose. So I would suffer for weeks, start to get used to the dose, and then have to up the dose again. I am just now starting to feel normal again. This is a crazy saga also, which I'll have to fully whine about at some point.

So, busy times and I feel more behind in my work than ever! But hopefully I get something done this weekend- ideally get this one manuscript submitted- and then my stress level should decrease a bit.